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The new partnership will bring Everest Dairies into the Vibrant Foods portfolio, alongside recognised Asian food brands TRS, East End and Cofresh.

Already a producer of ghee and margarine, Vibrant’s acquisition of Everest’s brings the family-owned business’s expertise in producing paneer cheese – a fresh, non-aged, non-melting soft cheese used in Indian cooking – to the group.

Vibrant said it hoped to capitalise on a growing demand for protein-rich, meat-free products, a trend for fusions of what it described as ‘inter-regional tastes and cuisines’ and the penetration of paneer in Western markets.

Attracting attention

Rohit Samani, executive chairman of Vibrant Foods, said: “Everest has an outstanding reputation across the ethnic foods sector and its range delivers strong customer loyalty. Paneer is fast attracting fans across all cultures and countries in Europe and this provides a real opportunity as we invest in their next chapter.

“It’s also our first brand that focuses on chilled grocery, and we are excited about how Everest can continue to propel the Vibrant family into new homes across the UK and Europe.”

Vibrant’s acquisition of Everest comes nine months after it acquired TRS Foods and East End Foods to create the ethnic foods group. In August last year, Vibrant increased production at the TRS factory in Southall and East End Foods West Bromwich​ by 50% to manage surging sales, sparked by the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Passing on the family business

Co-founders Haroon Shaikh and Inayat Fatiwala will support the transition of Everest into the Vibrant Foods stable over the coming months, before focusing on their other business interests moving forwards.


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