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The manufacturers has joined a growing number of food and drink firms that have pulled out of the country since conflict began last month. 

Chief executive Annikka Hurme said: “We strictly condemn Russia’s attack on independent Ukraine. Ethically, Valio cannot continue operations in Russia; therefore, we are ending business operation in Russia.” 

Exports suspended  

Last week saw Valio stop all exports from Finland to Russia and Belarus, with imports of ingredients and packaging materials from Russia to Finland stopped soon after. 

It operates one processed cheese factory near Moscow, as well as contract manufacturing partners and sales offices in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.  

The manufacture employs about 400 people in Russia and has recorded annual sales of about €85m (£70.6m) in the country. Valio’s subsidiary in Russia is 100% Finnish-owned by Valio. 

Valio’s announcement that it was to pull out of Russia followed a similar announcement from Halewood Artisanal Spirits last week. 

Back to the UK​ 

The drinks firm said it was to move production of its JJ Whitley Vodka back to the UK with immediate effect, with British made spirits expected to be on store shelves by the end of March.  

A spokesman for Halewood Group said: “We have expressed our support to our Ukrainian customers, our largest export market. Out of respect for the situation, we have removed all references to the ‘Remarkably Russian’ campaign across all our JJ Whitley communications.” 

The Co-op and Morrisons have removed Russian vodka from shelves, while Marks & Spencer has suspended shipments to its Turkish franchisee’s Russian business and offered millions of pounds in aid to Ukrainian refugees and families affected by the war. 


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