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Adverts HFSS will not be allowed to be shown before 9pm on TV and UK on-demand programmes. The new restriction will come in to force at the end of next year (2022).

The move followed a consultation launched in November last year over the future of advertising for HFSS foods in the UK, which was criticised by food and drink producers. UK retailers have already been banned from putting multi-buy promotions HFSS foods under Government guidelines.

The restrictions will only apply to businesses with 250 or more employees that make or sell HFSS products, meaning small and medium-sized will be able to continue to advertise.

Advertising online

Online restrictions will be limited to paid-for advertising, ensuring brands can continue to advertise within ‘owned media’ spaces online. This would include a brand’s own blog, website, app or social media page.

Foods such as honey, olive oil, avocados and marmite will also be excluded from the restrictions, due to ban’s focus on products of most concern to childhood obesity.

Public Health Minister Jo Churchill said: “These measures form another key part of our strategy to get the nation fitter and healthier by giving them the chance to make more informed decisions when it comes to food. We need to take urgent action to level up health inequalities.

“This action on advertising will help to wipe billions off the national calorie count and give our children a fair chance of a healthy lifestyle.”

Cutting calories

The Government claimed the restrictions would remove up to 7.2bn calories from children’s diets per year in the UK, which would lead to a reduction of 20,000 obese children over the coming years.


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