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The Italian-owned agribusiness said the move would double production, enable it to add new product lines and provide an increased market for wheat grown by local farmers, in line with its sustainability objectives.

The development comes a decade after the firm first acquired the redundant former Tate & Lyle site in Selby as its UK base for the production of potable alcohol. The substance is a main ingredient in the making of premium spirits as well as a food industry processing aid.

As well as increasing its potable alcohol capacity, once completed over the next two years, the enlarged operation would begin the production of liquid sweeteners, the company said.

Distillery expansion, liquid sweeteners

The distillery expansion is underway with completion expected by the autumn and the first deliveries of high-quality liquid sweeteners due to start in late 2022.

The significant investment in the plant would boost its workforce to about 150, creating an additional 75 jobs and supporting hundreds more among its suppliers, according to Sedamyl.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of starches and sweeteners, Sedamyl produces starches, alcohol, and wheat gluten for the beverages, food and animal nutrition industries, 95% of which feeds directly into the UK market. By adding liquid sweeteners to its portfolio, the business said it could broaden its offer to the food industry. It also provides products for the paper and corrugating industries.

Yorkshire-grown wheat

Sedamyl uses Yorkshire-grown wheat in its production, purchased from a network of more than 1,000 local farmers, providing a valuable and sustained revenue stream. The expansion would further support farmers and boost the local economy in the region, it claimed.


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