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In this exclusive podcast, KTN’s John Clayton discussed how he helped facilitate the partnership between the manufacturer and the university, as well as supported the onboarding of a recent graduate to the project.

Through the collaboration, Rakusen’s has created a new production system that uses Industry 4.0 technologies – including big data science, machine learning, cloud computing, cyber physical systems and the internet of things – integrated into its existing, centuries old production line.

Real time control

“For the first time Rakusen’s will have real time control over a very complex manufacturing environment,”​ Clayton explained. “This will ensure quality, consistency and optimised output and support expansion into the lucrative US market.”

Clayton went on to talk about building awareness of partnership programmes that can benefit both food businesses and universities. He also touched on the roll that KTN plays in promoting opportunities within the sector to graduates that may not have considered a career in food and drink.

Skilled workforce

“In the past KTN has partnered with the Institute of Food Science and Technology to ensure a coordinated approach to the provision of skilled workforces to support the UK food and drink industry,” ​Clayton added. “It’s about raising awareness amongst the business community and the universities about the opportunities.

“We’re a big player in the field of promoting the food sector, particularly though KTP ​[Knowledge transfer Partnership] and that in itself offers opportunities to young people, particularly graduates.”


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