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Together, the duo will release the newly-formulated range as part of the beverage company Skinny Drinks Group’s tonic collection. The pair have replaced the traditionally-used Reb A stevia extract, which can create flavour limitations, with the Starleaf Reb M stevia extract. By formulating with the new ingredient, the pair aim to offer the most sugar-like taste available on the market. 

All the tonic, without the sugar 

“Consumer demand for reduced and zero-sugar beverages has been on the rise for some time, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their dietary health and more knowledgeable about ingredients lists,”​ Vicky Berry, Business Development Manager at Synergy Flavours shares on one of the key drivers influencing the team’s decision to create a zero-sugar tonic.

The duo also recognised that there is regulatory guidance to consider, following the UK Government’s introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, or ‘sugar tax’, in April 2018.

“Manufacturers have a responsibility to offer consumers a reduced or zero-sugar beverage that delivers on flavour, without the unnecessary sugar content,”​ highlights Berry.

“As gin has become such a popular choice of spirit, and is frequently paired with tonic, the demand was there to create a zero-sugar version that allows consumers to enjoy their beverages without the sugar content,” ​Berry adds.

Reformulating the new tonic range

“Historically, stevia has been a challenging extract to work with,” ​reveals Jill Ngo, Sweet Goods Application Manager, Synergy Flavours.


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