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One of Europe’s largest coleslaw cabbage growers, Naylor Farms, has applied for planning permission to build the world’s first agricultural processing facility that turns cabbages into innovative functional plant-based protein ingredients.

Naylor Nutrition has perfected a unique, patent-pending, gentle cold extraction process that produces protein-plus functional ingredients from cabbages.

Naylor Farms produces 2,000 tonnes of whole cabbages, leaf and trimmings a week. The new process uses a mix of whole crop, quality trimmings and leaf and turns it into a highly nutritious plant-based protein-plus ingredient.

Sustainable food product

“It’s always been our ambition to utilise our whole cabbage crop and turn it into a highly nutritious and sustainable food product,” ​said Simon Naylor, chief executive officer of Naylor Nutrition. “We have worked hard to develop and perfect a new gentle cold-extraction process which can be used to create a wide range of functional food products from protein plus ingredients.

“The world has a growing requirement and desire for quality, sustainable plant-based food and to deliver this, we will need to grow crops that have positive functional benefits but without the negative environmental impact that soy, for example, has.

“Cabbage on the other hand, is fully traceable from field to consumer, sustainable and relatively simple to grow with a high yield. This innovative facility is being built on our land so the food miles from field to processing are at a minimum.”


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