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Lilk aims to launch two plant-based ‘milk’ products in the combidome: The Common Blend Oat & Rice and The Lush Blend Oat, Coconut & Quinoa. The products contain ‘milks’ made from a blend of seeds and grains.

SIG recently partnered with contract packing specialist Framptons to install a new generation combidome filling machine, which is the first of its kind in the UK and is designed to handle three different volumes. Now Framptons, which focuses on producing plant-based drinks, dairy drinks and egg products, is filling Lilk’s plant-based ‘milk’ cartons on behalf of the business. It is the first company in Europe to produce such products using the filler.

The SIG combidome is intended to incorporate the best features of a carton and bottle, with convenient handling for consumers and easy opening and pouring from the single action domeTwist screw cap.

Forest Stewardship Council-certified

The lightweight carton is fully recyclable and largely made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified paperboard. It could also include further enhancements such as SIGNATURE packaging material, where the polymers are linked to wood-based renewable material, said SIG.

There had been a rapid increase in demand for plant-based innovation in the UK, with much of the growth coming from young and dynamic brand owners, such as Lilk, who often start with small volumes, according to SIG. Framptons is offering the same service to other start-up companies.

“Both the aesthetics and practical function provide a step change in carton packaging and combidome also has an excellent environmental footprint,”​ said Will Martin, business development director and joint owner at Framptons. “The two new Lilk beverages immediately stand out in combidome to offer consumers the best features of both a carton and bottle.”


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