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The group announced its individual brands of Orchard Valley Foods, Confection by Design, County Confectionery and Candeco would all come under the umbrella of the new OV name.

The company, which employs 255 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of around £65m, said the rebrand was part of a strategy to align and streamline the business as ‘one united group with shared values’.

“These values are based around innovation, simplification, care and collaboration with customers, as well as ensuring that processes and procedures are aligned across the group,”​ a company spokesperson added.


The Orchard Valley Foods Group was developed from the merger of confectionery firm Orchard Valley Foods and Swedish ingredients company Candeco Confektyr AB in 2017. Subsequent acquisitions of St Ives outfit County Confectionery in 2018 and Harrogate-based Confection by Design in 2019 added to the group’s product portfolio.

Collectively, the companies forming OV produces confections, ingredients and decorations for the food manufacturing, foodservice, retail and home baking sectors as well as international markets.

Next stage

“The rebranding of Orchard Valley Food Group as OV is the next stage in an exciting growth plan,”​ said Louise Liddiard, marketing manager at OV.

“Not only will the new, simplified name remove the complexity associated with having different brands when communicating with customers, but the collective brand beliefs, promise and ways of working that we will all deliver will be a real benefit to customers wherever they are based in the world.


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