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The tool, known as Bowtie, presents relevant information in a simple diagram that resembles a bow tie. According to Campden, the tool can ensure plans are clear and easily understandable by staff at all levels.

Andrew Collins (pictured), food safety management systems lead at Campden BRI, said the current focus on allergen management and food safety culture had put great emphasis on communicating risks.

“Having begun to introduce Bowtie to the food and drink industry, we’ve found it’s perfect at improving risk communication by allowing food and beverage organisations (FBOs) to visualise and easily adapt their processes instead of relying on potentially unclear and less dynamic charts and tables.

Identifying risks and adapting

“Put simply, food businesses can use Bowtie to improve their current food safety system by proactively identifying risks and easily adapting their system to incidences and occurrences. Since identifying this tool in other industries that manage risk, we’re keen to help the food sector understand and use this method to help them do the same.”

The level of detail in the Bowtie can be filtered to ensure the right information is communicated to the right user and presented at a business levels that may be generic, or at an operational level that contains more detail.

“For example, senior managers can see their food safety management system without all the detail an auditor or the technical manager would need,”​ Collins continued. “More importantly, factory operators can easily see the whole process so they understand not just what they need to do but why they need to do it.”


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