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Due for completion in September this year, the 2,322.5m2 ​facility has been supported by a £3m grant from the Business Innovation and Tourism Escalator Scheme and will produce 7,000 tonnes of cheese a year.

Managing director Ronald Akkerman said the new factory will see turnover rise to £25m by 2022 and set new standards for the industry, boosted by the manufacturer’s plans to blend innovative and traditional methods to create Cheddar, Gouda, Edam and a range of artisan cheeses.

Future growth

“The cheese production line has been built to accommodate the company’s future growth ambitions,”​ said Akkerman. “Different milk streams can be processed into specific niche products, such as organic cheese.

“Biodegradable wastes such as milk residue will be processed at the nearby Mona Biogas plant on Anglesey and all the process water will be recovered from the whey concentration, thereby minimizing the intake of potable water. This will make it the most environmentally friendly factory in Europe, running completely on renewable electricity.”

Mona Island Dairy will collaborate closely with customers to identify market trends, develop new products and create ‘a distinct competitive advantage’ at retail and food service level.

Tailored batches

Customers would be given a greater range of options for developing cheese tailored to their needs in larger volumes of relatively small batches.

Welsh minister for rural affairs Lesley Griffiths added: “This is excellent news for Holyhead, Anglesey and the wider area.  It is good to see that milk from local farms will be used in the production of the cheese which will be a boost for the dairy industry, and it is great to see the measures taken to minimize the impact on the environment.”


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