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Chesneau said it was difficult to predict the lasting impact of COVID-19 on consumers and businesses. However, he believed the gradual return to work for most thanks to the easing of lockdown restrictions would create more situations for drinks such as coffee to capitalise on.

“At Nespresso we will ensure we evolve and adapt with these changes in behaviour.

“We know there will be an increase in expectation of safer experiences within offices, where people share spaces and resources regularly. New technology to improve the coffee experience within this environment is important.

“An increased demand for amenities is also clear among those working from co-working spaces, with 34% saying they would like premium food and drink to be available.”

Nespresso had created a Vertuo Work from Home offer in order to enable consumers to enjoy a quality coffee break while remote working, said Chesneau. It had also developed a touchless technology machine, Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk, for safer coffee moments in the office.

Premium experiences

Chesneau reported huge demand for premium coffee, regardless of COVID-19. During the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, as hospitality locations closed, Nespresso experienced an increase in demand for quality coffee capsules at home.

“When hospitality opened up, consumers continued to enjoy Nespresso coffee in restaurants and at home. Being adaptable and able to offer a seamless e-commerce experience has been more important than ever this year.


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