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For the past four years, Made For Drink has supplied indulgent, meat-themed snacks designed to complement consumers’ favourite alcoholic tipples.

Now it aims to launch Chicken Salt Fries in 150g bags – made for a cold beer – and Tapas Fries in 125g bags – made for Aperitivo (Italian aperitifs).

The Chicken Salt Fries are based on a snack that’s popular in Australia and the Tapas Fries are a mix of thin cut Patatas Fritas (straw fries) and crisp slices of authentic Spanish chorizo, seasoned with olives, sun-ripened tomatoes and paprika.

Home Compostable Film

Both products will be launched in home compostable film.

“Having taken the time we needed to bed down as a business, team and a brand, we felt 2021 was the perfect moment to build upon a blossoming off-trade/online reputation by taking an ambitious ‘next step’ into the £1bn potato crisp category,” ​said Made for Drink founder Dan Featherstone.

Both lines are scheduled to launch into Sainsbury stores and independent grocery retailers on 21 April in home compostable film.

All product packs are 100% carbon neutral, thanks to a partnership with the Exmoor Carbon Project.

Made for Drink won Small Meat, Poultry & Seafood Manufacturing Company of the Year ​at the 2020 Food Manufacture Excellence Awards. View the winners announcement for the 2021 awards – sponsored by Dawn Foods and Fowler Welch – here.


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