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Speaking to Food Manufacture on World Water Week 2021, Michelle Norman outlined four essential steps need by food and drink man8ufacturers to manage water usage on production lines.

“Setting clear targets is absolutely essential – we work collectively towards a long-term goal and we have clear and measureable KPIs,”​ said Norman.

Understanding the natural cycle of water in the manufacturing site’s local area and how water is being used within the production site and on the lines is really essential in keeping to those targets.

The second key step was to be accurate in your measurement – monthly reporting using the right technologies, such as water flow meters for accurate measurement.

Sustainability lens

“Thirdly, look at all projects with a sustainability lens. For example, last year we launched a new high-speed filling line and we looked at what is the best technology to reduce our energy and our water use?” ​Norman added. “That filling line now uses 40% less water and that represented a 4% reduction of water consumption across the site as a whole.”

Finally, Norman advised manufacturers to communicate sustainability achievements within the company and to foster an environment where staff also care about being more sustainable.

“All of our employees know that we’re working towards a common goal of using less natural resources. So when we do have a positive environmental story we take pride, we share it,”​ Norman explained. “We also encourage all our teams to take sustainability courses online so they can also the impact that they make.


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