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After becoming teetotal, Suppey found there was a lack of options for people who wanted to have a stronger drink but didn’t want alcohol. It was from this desire to create a drink for when you aren’t drinking that Ppinger was born.

Drawing from his Ghanaian routes, Suppey created a drink that draws on strong flavours used in his grandmother’s cooking while balancing out the heat with subtle hints of fruits such as lime and apple.

“Drinking is all about experiences,”​ he explained. “Literally speaking, we don’t need to drink Coca-Cola or the Ppinger or any other drinks to survive – all we really need to survive is water. But variety is the spice of life, people always want to experiment with something new.

Open to experimentation

To that end, Ppinger sets itself up as a drink that open for experimentation – and not necessarily just in the realm of non-alcoholic drinks.

“We’ve had people mix it with rum, with vodka, with gin – a variety of things,” ​Suppey added.

However, choosing to use ginger as the base for the drink did present its own set of problems for the small business. As it stands, Suppey has been unable to find a co-manufacturing partner to juice the ginger, leading him to complete the process himself.

“It can be messy – sometimes you think you’ve got it all right and then you see a​ [solid] piece of ginger ​[during the production process],” said Suppey. “So, we’ve developed a process to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Coming from a financial services background of 20 years and currently making it ourselves in a small factory, we’ve had lots of challenges, getting used to operating the machinery – I think the labelling machine was the most notorious of all of them.”


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