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The report illustrated three major global trends in the food and drink industry – Being my better me, Lovely luxury experiences & Mindfulness on the menu.

Being better by me

Consumers have become much more health conscious in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and have begun to turn to healthier choices in their diets. As consumers look to lead healthier lifestyles and maintain healthy habits, food has become a key supporter in these endeavours.

This doesn’t just boil down to traditionally ‘good for you’ foods – consumers are now looking for products that feature additional health benefits, such as cake that supports gut health or cheese that’s low in salt.

“In the quest to ‘be the better version’ of themselves, consumers see these new takes on their familiar foods as the way to ultimately make permanent lifestyle changes,” ​read the report.

Lovely Luxury

With a greater number of restaurants and food outlets offering home delivery as a result of lockdown, consumers have become more used to ‘premium’ fast food. Special treats that were once available only by visiting a top restaurant now come as takeaways, food kits or even from food trucks.

Consumers are now looking for premium choices more often and want them to be easily accessible. They also want to be surprised, with many seeking out new experiences and over the top luxury versions of the foods they love.

Mindfulness on the menu

While the last two trends shared a focus on personal experiences, the last trend observed by FrieslandCampina zeroed in on the social impact of food and the impact our food makes on the planet.


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