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FareShare, the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity, along with Hovis, supports the Marcus Rashford Child Food Poverty Taskforce. Hovis joined the initiative in October 2020​.

Public Health England has set a recommended daily intake for immune-boosting Vitamin D1 of 10 micrograms and Hovis Best of Both is rich in Vitamin D. It is also a source of fibre and protein, rich in calcium to maintain normal teeth and bones and low in fat and sugar. Two slices of the product contain at least a third of an adult’s daily recommended Vitamin D and calcium intakes.

Child poverty

“With the figures for child food poverty increasing, we’re committed to continuing the work we are doing with FareShare and the Taskforce to tackle food poverty,”​ said Nina Shanahan, head of marketing for Hovis Best of Both. “We are pleased to increase our support … to provide more bread that has nutritional ingredients such as Vitamin D.” 

Marcus Rashford said: “Hovis’ commitment to supporting those children most affected by hunger is the reason I invited them to join the Child Food Poverty Taskforce. The active steps Hovis has taken to help cover deficits with great quality product is brilliant and I can’t thank them enough. The inclusion of Vitamin D into the product also guarantees children are getting the vital nutrients they need.” 

Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of FareShare, said: “Huge thanks must go to Hovis who have stepped up to support vulnerable communities across the country with bread, at a really challenging time. This donation is very welcome and FareShare will be distributing these loaves to the many thousands of charities across the UK that remain open to provide a lifeline to those most vulnerable communities throughout 2021.”


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