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The proposals, which build on Henry Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy – published in two parts in July 2020 and 2021 – were issued in the Food and Drink Sector Council (FDSC) report, ‘Feeding the Future: Working together to build the National Food Strategy’.

The paper sets out the food and drink industry’s recommendations for the UK Government’s National Food Strategy, which is due for publication in early 2022. It shares the FDSC’s vision, ambition and solutions for the future food system.

It made recommendations for Government to work with the sector to help deliver short-term economic recovery and long-term sustainable growth and suggested the creation of an industry skills campaign that champions ‘Great British’ food and drink careers.

Recommendations of industry

Other recommendations included doubling the industry’s research and development spend and more support for small and medium-sized enterprises to access innovation expertise, unlock funding and de-risk investments through demonstrator hubs. A full list can found in the box below.

Stefano Agostini, chief executive of Nestlé UK and Ireland and co-chair of the FDSC Food Strategy Working Group said industry was well aware of its responsibilities, and it must engage the public in the journey to a sustainable and healthier food system, but it couldn’t do it alone.

“Our external stakeholders, as well as the Government, will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our ambitions set out in this report,” ​Agostini added. “In any National Food Strategy, the food industry must be the solution, and not the problem, for the strategy to succeed. 


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