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“It’s always been a small business and it’s always been cashflow,” ​said Crowther. “That was always an eternal challenge and it still continues to be a challenge as we grow – it’s always there at the back of your mind.

“We’re self-funded, we’ve never taken any investment, so that’s always been there as a challenge and I think for anybody starting out in business that’s always a great challenge.”

However, the decision to remain self-funded wasn’t always on the cards. Crowther had always planned to seek investment, but challenges in the wider world put those plans on hold.

Investment potential

“About three years’ ago we said, ‘okay, we’re really at a great point in the business and we’re ready to start looking at angel investment or a way to fundraise’,” ​she continued.

“Then we had the past 18 months of huge challenges, so we went back to the drawing board to find our way through the challenges that were coming at us thick and fast – like most businesses and individuals. We realised we needed to get to the next level, market us in an appropriate way and look for investment. That’s something that’s on the cards now.”

While confident that her business will receive to investment it seeks in the future, Crowther wasn’t content to rest on her laurels. To this end, she planned to keep pushing ahead by capturing the untapped potential of the confectionery sector.

 “We’ve never fought for the same space as others in confectionery, we’ve always believed we can do ‘something else’. We don’t all have to fight for the same space,” ​Crowther continued.


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