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The campaign, called #UnstuffedBears and featuring teddy bear imagery, forms part of Dole’s commitment to “address global food insecurity and make nutritious food accessible to one billion people by 2025”.

#UnstuffedBears, co-ordinated by London-based agency St Luke’s, is targeting consumers through online videos, displays and social media posts featuring images of plush teddy bears, with one bear’s stomach noticeably emptier.

The objective is to draw attention to reports that one in five children may go hungry over the Christmas holidays. Monetary donations from the campaign will go to Save the Children UK.

“Through a universal childhood icon – the teddy bear – we are living our purpose, raising awareness about the affordability and accessibility of proper nutrition and helping those in need today,”​ said Isabelle Spindler-Jacobs, MD, Europe, for Dole Packaged Foods.

Dole Promise

The company introduced the ‘the Dole Promise’ in July of this year. The initiative’s goals include providing access to sustainable nutrition for a billion people, the elimination of processed sugar from Dole Packaged Foods products, zero fruit loss from farms, zero emissions and zero fossil-based packaging.

“Through the Dole Promise and these tangible actions, we are taking steps toward systemic change on these issues critical to our future,”​ said Spindler-Jacobs.

Child hunger

Sayyeda Salam, director of partnerships and philanthropy for Save the Children, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Dole this festive season to raise awareness of the issue of child hunger in the UK.


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