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List of successful phase 1 distilleries:

1.       Protium Green Solutions Limited (£73,818), lead in London with a distillery partner in Islay. Using a low emission hydrogen boiler. 

2.       Locogen Ltd (£43,325), Edinburgh. Switching a distillery from fuel oil to hydrogen burners. 

3.       Protium Energy Limited (£57,464), Aberdeen. A high temperature heat store.  

4.       Cornish Geothermal Distillery Company (£75,000), Truro. Creating a geothermal distillery. 

5.       European Marine Energy Centre (£58,781), Orkney Islands. Assessing technology pathways to facilitate green hydrogen. 

6.       Supercritical Solutions Ltd (£53,000), lead in Horsham with a distillery partner in Glasgow. Electrolysers to enable fuel switching to zero emission sources. 

7.       The Uist Distilling Company Ltd (£44,572), The Isle of South Uist. Combination of a hydrogen burner and indirect heating of a thermal oil rather than steam.  

8.       Colorado Construction and Engineering Ltd (£73,636.80), Edinburgh. Hydrogen and dual hydrogen/biofuel burners for distilleries.  

9.       Vytok Ltd (£57,688.00), London. Heat pumps with water as the working fluid.  

10.   The Uist Distilling Company Ltd (£40,539.23), The Isle of South Uist. A high-temperature heat store that would allow a distillery to be run purely on electricity. 

11.   John Fergus & Co Ltd (£71,812.55), Glenrothes. The use of hydrogen on site to decarbonise process heat. 

12.   The Edrington Group Ltd (£56,930.00), Glasgow. An innovative stillhouse Condenser Hot Water Recovery System.  

13.   St Andrews Brewers Limited (£51,547.00), Glasgow. A combination of heat pumps, green hydrogen and biomass. 

14.   Bennamann Ltd (£46,620.11), Cornwall. Use of fugitive methane as fuel. 

15.   Sunamp Ltd (£61,412.50), Edinburgh. A large-scale phase change material thermal store.  

16.   Environmental Resources Management Limited (£68,951.00), London. Liquid organic hydrogen carriers.  

17.   Colorado Construction and Engineering Ltd (£74,768.10), Edinburgh. The conversion of waste distillery draff (spent grains from the malting process) and pot ale into a gasification-gas. 


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