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Aldersley spoke with Food Manufacture editor Rod Addy after the awards ceremony to discuss his company’s Sustainability Award win, as well as some of the sustainability initiatives the pork processor has been piloting over the past two years.  

By diversifying its business model, Cranswick has been able to push for greater sustainability across the company, which has helped to counter criticism of the unsustainability of the meat industry.  

Sustainability culture​  

Aldersley described Cranswick’s push for greater sustainability almost like a paradigm shift across the company. Rather than just make sweeping promises to keep its emissions low and measure itself against a set of targets, the manufacturer has focused on changing the culture of sustainability within the business. 

This has been led by the manufacturer’s Second Nature initiative launched in 2018, said Aldersley.  

“There’s a clue in the title. We’re making it second nature – it’s not an addon, it’s what we do every day,”​ he explained.  

Cranswick already had a keen eye on managing its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, even during the disruption caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, but tis sites are now set on achieving net zero scope 3 emissions as well. 

“It’s something as a total business we’re passionate about – how are we going to deliver this?​” Aldersley concluded. “We have a target for 2040, but we’re questioning if that’s ambitious enough. What I don’t believe is saying something we won’t deliver – I’d rather under promise and overdeliver.” 


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