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Bottleshot’s Coffee Black and Coffee Oat Milk will be available across the UK online through Ocado and on shelves in WHSmith Travel stores.The listings followed a surge in demand for its product through direct-to-consumer channels via its website and Amazon Prime.

The brands cold brew products are also available through Whole Foods and are served restaurant and members club Soho House.

European RTD market

Bottleshot estimated the European ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee market would be worth £1.8bn by 2025. RTD coffee grew a fifth in the past year to £165.5m, the fastest growing segment in soft drinks.

Co-founder Annie Mitchel said: “We saw the exponential growth of cold brew coffee in the US and we were certain that the same would be seen this side of the pond.

“So, we thought we’d take matters into our own hands and launch Bottleshot here in the UK.Bottleshot is now stocked all over the UK and this year is proving to be our busiest yet, despite the ongoing pandemic.

In customers’ hands

“We are thrilled to have partnered with the likes of Ocado and WHSmith Travel to try and get our product into as many hands as possible and let the UK try cold brew coffee how it should be – the New Orleans way. We’re currently testing new products and we’ll hopefully be announcing these very soon too.” 

Founded in 2018 by Annie Mitchell and Charlotte Dale, Bottleshot was created to take advantage of a gap in the cold brew market. The founders predicted a growing trend for the drinks already experienced in the US, where 40% of ready-to-drink coffee products are cold brew products.


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