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The new design for the distillery, which will be situated on the Ardgowan Estate, 30 miles west of Glasgow, will use low environmental impact composite cladding, timber and steel materials. 

The building is designed to provide an ergonomic, energy efficient distillery and maximise the visitor experience, and will incorporate a glass-walled ‘sky platform’ with views of the Clyde, the company said. 

The new distillery will also be carbon negative and have latest innovations in energy reduction, heat recovery and carbon capture.

In June, Ardgowan Distillery confirmed the Inverclyde project would go ahead following new investment of £8.4M led by principal investor Roland Grain and additional investment from Distil Plc. 

Grain said: “Central to this is our innovative building – designed by leading Austrian architects Spitzbart and Partners. This very modern Nordic long hall is pointing skyward, symbolising resurrection and our rise from the ashes of the former Ardgowan Distillery, which burned down in the Greenock Blitz in May 1941, and also our ambition to become one of the top whiskies in the world.” 

Distillery ceo Martin McAdam said: “This project will be a major boost to the local economy – both during construction and in operation. We estimate the distillery and visitor centre will create up to 47 new jobs within five years.

“We have a very strong commitment to employing locally. Already we work with Gourock property specialists Bowman Rebecchi and Port Glasgow suppliers Scotcrest, and our ambition is to use local firms and employees as much as we can.


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