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The 2SB variant of the T400 has a two-stage blower tray washer that guarantees that the trays come out perfectly dry after the hot fresh rinse.

The fresh rinse water is returned to the wash tank to save water and detergent and the adjustable air-knife system ensures that the trays come out warm and dry, ready to be used immediately.

As well as meeting Addo’s cleaning requirements, the new system has been customised to accommodate the limited space available to the manufacturer.

More compact machinery has become a prevalent trend in the food manufacturing industry, as producers look to support growth without having to expand their premises.

30-year history

IWM latest delivery to Addo builds on a 30-year relationship between the two businesses, which began with installing an automated tray washer at the Market Drayton site.

IWM supplied Addo with an additional T1500 Twin Lane multi-purpose tray washer at its Pork Farms Riverside bakery in the mid-1990s. It is still maintained by the supplier to this day – in 2019 the T1500 was refurbished, updated and delivered to a new site.

Having worked with Addo Food Group companies for the best part of thirty years, we are still in a position to support these two older machines installed at the group’s production facilities,” ​said IWM UK sales and project engineer Mark Keating.

Three generations

Three generations of washing machines supplied by IWM now operate within the Addo business and serve as integral part of the production process, according to Palethorpes Bakery chief engineer Paul Leese.


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