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On the brand’s website, the manufacturer said it had taken great care to ensure the carbon footprint of the range was minimal and had commissioned a full lifecycle analysis report from Carbon Analytics.

According to that report, just 2.25kg of CO​emissions were produced per kg of product across the supply chain, versus 6.9kg/kg of chicken and 39.2kg/kg of lamb.

The frozen product range comprises of No-Beef Pieces, No-Chicken Pieces, No-Duck Pieces, No-Lamb Pieces and No-Pork Pieces. It is made from vegetable protein, including wheat and pea protein, with no preservatives, soy or palm oil.

Dedicated meat-free production lines

The Dopsu range, which is manufactured in the UK on dedicated meat-free production lines, is high in protein, low in saturated fat and sugar and vegan-friendly. It is being listed in the trade in 280g bags from July onwards in supermarket and online channels and the No-Beef Pieces and No-Pork Pieces are currently available via Amazon, priced at £3.00.

Breaking down its composition on the brand’s website, ABP said it was high in protein, with only slightly less per 100g than chicken or beef and contained nearly five times the fibre of beef or chicken per 100g.

The Dopsu range – the name is a combination of the words ‘doppelgänger’ and ‘substitute’ – could be used in a wide selection of dishes, including stir fries, salads, pies and pizza toppings to provide a convenient meal solution, ABP said.

Bob Carnell, chief executive officer at ABP UK said: “With research showing the meat-free category has doubled in size over the past five years, we recognise the need to respond to consumer demand in the sector. The product has already been very well received in the foodservice sector and we hope to build on that success in retail.


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